HzO Icon for Mac App

I've created this icon for the Mac app I'm working on. The icon graphically shows how the app works. Please try to guess what the app does…

Answer: the icon shows how the front window is visually highlighted by placing a translucent dark screen over background windows. That is literally what the app does to reduce screen clutter and help to focus.

I have used physical cardboard cutouts and paper sketches to experiment with different "window" layouts. That was quite fun. The final layout is designed to adhere to OS X Yosemite icon grid so that the icon looks right at home in the Dock.

HzO stands for the name of the app – "HazeOver". The abbreviation had stuck from the very first iteration. It also fits nicely as a menubar icon.

I'm not a pro designer, so I'd like to know whether my design intentions are properly expressed and what you think of the execution. Thank you and thanks @sheglove for inviting.

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Posted on Jun 30, 2015

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