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Amazing journey of how we switched from a huge WordPress website to Webflow is a bit described in the link: https://webflow.com/customers/nursa

How to make a huge website even better? Read how we made a platform switch of an already successful website from #wordpress to Webflow. 10x the design to the development process. SEO boost. New high scores in traffic, impressions, and clicks. Nursa is now even stronger to put a nurse at the bedside of every patient in need — and we’re just getting started. I'm grateful for this incredible journey. #nursa #healthcare #webflow #web #visualdevelopment #webdesign #seo #design

Working together with Nursa’s Founder & CEO

Together with Nursa’s Founder & CEO, Principal UI Designer Nenad Ivanovic carefully considered how they could free up engineering resources to focus on the core app, while bringing autonomy of the site to the marketing team. They knew a site migration would be no easy feat — one that would require the team to conduct an audit of its 300,000+ pages and sunset outdated ones to optimize for performance. 

Curtis and Nenad began evaluating Webflow Enterprise, and in partnership with Webflow’s Solution Engineering team, got to work testing a growth model to validate their requirements, prioritizing performance and speed. They also needed to ensure a synergistic API connection between Nursa’s database and Webflow’s CMS API function, and worked with Webflow’s Account Team to confirm data types, expected payloads from the API, and any potential limitations.

As CEO, Curtis’ ultimate goal was to find a viable and simple solution that allowed his team to focus on their core product without compromising their focus on moving strategic projects forward. “The biggest value driver for us is speed,” he says. “Webflow allows us to get the best performance, while ensuring team and cost efficiency.” So much so that in the end, while small changes on the site would have previously taken up to three weeks on WordPress, migrating their entire site — around 40,000 pages — took just 19 days with Webflow.

Nenad Ivanovic
Webflow designer, developer, and product manager

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