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  1. Chris Coyier Chris Coyier

    Icons =
    Font = Myriad Pro Bold

    Right side of buttons references this shot =

    I've been trying a million button styles for my CSS-Tricks redesign and nothing will stick. These probably won't either.

    PSD if you want it.

    almost 3 years ago

  2. Nice style Chris – although the sections with the icons look a bit strange? They look recessed due to the inner shadows but then the drop-shadow makes them pop off the background.

    If you give the icon some clear space inside the button it looker neater. Could also put it inside a roughened circle to match the icon style? Might even work better with a different typeface to further compliment the icons

    almost 3 years ago

  3. Inspired by Chris's colors to work up some 3D style versions of these buttons. Great colors, keep up the designs! Can be downloaded here:

    almost 3 years ago

  4. I really liked Chris's button styles and colors, and since I'm bored at work I figured I'd try to give them a tiny bit more physicality with an inset button label, a gradient stroke border and a subtle noise pattern.

    p.s. Chris, CSS-Tricks rocks my socks.

    almost 3 years ago

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