Gluten Freedom!

Hey everyone!

Today I'm very happy to announce that Liciously has finally arrived. You can now discover & share celiac friendly restaurants near you! It's pretty bare bones right now, but as they always say: "just ship it baby!"

All data will be 100% crowd sourced by glutards and celiacs alike (like me!). This way we can share the specifics about what is safe and isn't safe for celiacs (within our best knowledge) at any restaurant. No more going to a restaurant to realize all you can eat is a leaf of lettuce and slice of tomato. Yahoo!

However, the drawback to having 100% crowd sourced data is that you don't have much to start with. So if you or anybody you know is tormented by gluten, feel free to try it out, and spread the word!

Let me know what you think - and happy gluten-free eating! :)

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