Immigration Cartoons Competition

The "Humanity Cartoons" 2.Immigration Cartoons Competition, organized by Time to Help UK and Human Rights Solidarity, both registered charities in the UK, is focused on raising awareness and inspiring thought about the plight of immigrants through the medium of cartoon art. Entrants, who must be aged 16 and over, are encouraged to submit original and creative cartoons that specifically address the challenges immigrants face. A panel of experts will judge the submissions and award cash prizes to the winning cartoons. This competition aims to use the power of cartoon art to shed light on immigration matters in general, to the problems in the asylum intake and refugee integration systems of the Western societies and contribute to a better understanding of the issues immigrant communities face. A selection of the submitted cartoons will be exhibited around the World by partner organizations on the occasion of the Refugee Week 2023.

⏰ Last Entry 1 May 2023

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