Kapuzinerin Sprudel

Introducing Kapuzinerin Sprudel, a small batch herbal sparkling water from Kloster Maria Opferung from Zug, Switzerland.


The monastery existed for over 700 years, since 1309 to be exact. In the historic monastery building, the heart of the entire property, the Catholic lay organization Anima Una has been operating since the fall of 2018. The organization realizes creative projects that want to preserve the historical place and give it a future. One of these projects is this monastery product.


The label design features a major illustration of Sister Anna (1930 - 2019) the last Mother of the Capuchin Sisters of Maria Opferung. Also featured on the label is a historic engraving style illustration of the monastery and some herbs like nettles, peppermint leaves and Rosemary.


For the label I used a lot of different fonts: Schmaltzy by Herzberg Design, Tiller by Brian Brubaker, Rijsenburg & Smillingen by Old Type Foundry. 3D modeling and renders of the product images by Amit Chippa.

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