Logo31 dribbble

#logo31 is like a playoff outside of Dribbble.

It started as a spec to redesign a logo for a greek political party youth organization. It was so poorly conceived that everybody could participate and vote, and ended up with valid and serious proposals like this one (caution, teh horror cannot be unseen). This is the original logo 31, as it was filed. This very "logo" failed so hard; it instantly became a backslash meme here in Greece, that led to numerous blog posts, trending topics, the #logo31 hashtag, and even an independent creative project.

The #logo31 project features a series of random meta designs/logos/doodles around the #logo31. It's not about the original logo contest, or the logo31 itselft, but a creative initiative inspired by a chain of cultural/political/social failures.

This is my "logo", based on a title page of a scanned greek dictionary of the 19th century. It writes To The Logotype Thirthy One in old greek dative case.

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