Hey guys,

It's been a while! I’ve been thinking about different ways that could make my life easier as a designer. Below are some issues that I frequently encounter:

1) When I’m working on a current project, I want to be able to cross reference designs with each other e.g. recommending similar projects for inspiration or search for projects based on multiple resources or tools

2) It's hard keeping up with trends so I want to see the latest font pairings, colour palettes, tools for prototyping used by other designers like yourself

3) Learning - Whenever I see a project I like, I want to know how it was built so that I can dissect it by finding out which font or tool was used

This shot consists of the curated feed based on designers that you follow. Make sure to check out the real pixels to see the full version and let me know what you think :)

A breakdown of each feed item is described below:

1) Recommend projects and the resources used
2) Recommend colour palettes for different project types
3) Compare assets, discuss and recommend your favourite
4) Add the resources used to a project
5) Describe and deconstruct user flows
6) Add tags to images to search like a designer (via emotions etc)
7) Create relevant collections based on resources
8) Add tools used to create a project

Any feedback will be greatly appreciated! I want this to be a reality one day. Happy Tuesday :)

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