Jordan Bell

Greek Tattoo Lettering

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Greek Tattoo Lettering verse love nyc tattoo type greek lettering

I recently drew a bit of Greek lettering for my good friend Sarah. She wanted a tattoo of one of her favorite verses, but in the original Greek cause she's freakin' epic. So, with the help of my friend Matthew (who holds a PhD in Theology and reads/writes Greek very well) we transliterated the quote from original sources 'cause we don't mess around with this kinda stuff. After making sure the copy was correct, I looked a bit into Greek handwriting models and found some beautiful examples of natural ligatures. After doing many sketches, primarily with felt tip pens, I finally digitized in RoboFont and added in a bit of agate, or "ink traps", to compensate for the natural ink-spread that all tattoos eventually fall prey too.

The quote states "Love bears all things"

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