Canva Creative Lab Identity

Creative Lab is Canva’s free quarterly meetup for creatives. It aims to build a community for artists to learn, support, and collaborate with each other. Whatever your passion, celebrate it through Creative Lab’s workshops and dialogues. Draw inspiration from like-minded individuals. Share your ideas. Empower creativity.

"Creative Blocks"

Each piece represents the skills, knowledge, and experiences of the people in the design community. Everyone is empowered to share their passion, ideas, and influence one another. One gets a piece of what the others have, put them all together, and create something beautiful out of it.

Creative Lab makes it possible for creative people to gather in one place to inspire one another. Every piece represents an individual. We learn from each other, support each other, and we work collaboratively to build a strong community which is represented by the final form of all the blocks put together.

Paul Gernale
Brand Design, Marketing, Illustrations, Icons, Web & UI

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