Fusion — Mobile App SaaS Website Template for Framer

I launched my first complete Framer template. It lets you present your app’s features as you scroll. It also contains a blog, updates, and a support page. As a bonus, the entire site switches themes based on your device. ⬇️


The template entirely switches themes based on your device preferences. The colors are easy to tweak by editing the color styles of the template.

It contains a blog powered by the CMS. You can easily add new articles just by adding a new CMS entry.

There’s also an updates page that's powered by the CMS. Just as easily add new app updates with updates notes and a date timeline.

Last but not least I’ve also added a support with with an FAQ.

You can grab the template here → https://www.framer.com/templates/fusion/

If you got this far in the thread, thank you! Here’s 10% off "YYODEYNQ"

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