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Say Hello to Duda | PLAYOFF invite illustration contest web design duda website builder playoff

Oh haaay guys!

Super excited to be introducing Duda too my very favourite creative people (you)(the dribbblers). To celebrate their arrival, we teamed up together to bring you our very own Dribbble Playoff. It’s just for fun. No work will be re-used or repurposed, or re-anything—it's yours. This is just for kicks, to see what kind of awesome things you come up with (and free stuff)(!).

What we’re trying to capture is the essence of what it’s like to create a website using the Duda platform www.dudamobile.com/dudapro. So what does that look like? Well, we pride ourselves providing designers with the tools they need to create beautiful responsive websites at breakneck speed. So create a shot featuring a drag-and-drop editor, different kinds of devices or anything you can think of that intimates speed and flexibility in a website builder is probably a good idea. Extra points for including Duda's brand and colors in the design.

1.Follow us on Dribbble
2. Post a rebound to this shot
3. Tag your shot as “Duda Website Builder”
4. Like your favorite shots to help us pick a winner

A brand new 16GB iPad Air 2 and a $500 Amazon Gift Card OR a $1000 Amazon Gift Card (your call)

A $200 Amazon Gift Card

One free year of access to the DudaPro Website Reseller Program

Sounds great, but Duda, how do you pick a winner?

All winners will be selected by Meg Robichaud, Eyal Zuri from Muzli, and Assaf Shalev on behalf of Duda. Judging criteria will include creativity, originality, execution and demonstration of technical skill. The amount of likes your rebound receives will also be taken into account, (but is not the deciding factor)...because, you know, democracy is pretty cool.

So when is tip off? Now! The game is on until the clock runs out on July 12th at 11:59:59 PM PT. No time-outs, no halftime. But one thing—please read our Official Contest Rules carefully.


Good luck! Happy Dribbbling!

PS. s'up guys I totally animated that. I can animate now.

EDIT: Dates have been changed.

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