Soul of Jogja : Illustration

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Our "Soul of Jogja" icon guide is your passport to the most charming and exciting places in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. Featuring fun and playful icons inspired by the city's landmarks and culture, our guide will take you on a journey of discovery and wonder.

From the majestic Tugu Jogja to the cozy angkringan stalls, from the charming delman carriages to the historic Keraton palace, from the bustling Beringharjo market to the inspiring museums, from the iconic becak tricycles to the delicious Wedang Ronde drink, our icons capture the essence of Yogyakarta's soul.

Whether you're a local or a visitor, our icon guide will help you navigate the city with ease and joy. Each icon tells a story and invites you to explore the unique culture and beauty of Jogja.


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