Harrowgate - Concept 03

Harrowgate is a start-up focused on human resource management and associated technologies for high-performance teams.

More info about the project at this post :)

I think this version was special due it's unique combination of ideas, here I could portrait the eagle in a 'not so evil' attack position, yet a profile position that shows his very recognizable beak shape, plus it's talons and wings suggesting the gate. Still managed to put the H details on it, what is a spot on!

Details of the chosen concept (3/3) initial sketches explorations above. Spoiler alert: this one was the chosen for the final logo!

I still feel that there's too many lines over this symbol, this is surely something to give a special attention further. Of course the balance is also an issue, and specially the talons are given me a headache to solve visually, you'll see how I've solved this in the next post of this project in details :)

I hope you'd liked this concept refinement process!

(final version yet to show in the few days, stay tuned)

Also I'm available for new projects, so feel free for ask me!

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