Revamping VezaDigital's Website: A Design Journey

Revamping VezaDigital's website was both special and surreal. Exploring new styles, wrestling with new challenges - and ultimately creating something totally unique. In this thread, I'll take you on the design journey. Strap in.

A key challenge we faced was creating a website that showcased veza's wide-range of services in an easy-to-understand way. We wanted to make sure potential clients were able to quickly understand what Veza does and how they can help them achieve their business goals.

To do this, we focused on straightforward messaging and intuitive navigation. We also made sure to highlight Veza's impressive portfolio and showcase its industry expertise through blog posts, case studies, and client testimonials.

Some experiments for concept ✨

There is nothing more rewarding as a designer than seeing the real-time transformation of an outdated site, into something sleek and compelling. I felt like we were finally starting to realize VezaDigital's brand personality on-screen.

I went into deep-flow-state and created a mood-board to end all mood-boards. It was a little exhausting to go through hundreds of award-winning websites, but there were so many beautiful designs that I couldn't stop myself from scrolling...

My vision was crystal clear:

- An elegant and stylish 3D visual.

- Large, eye-catching typography.

- Bold, striking color contrast.

Neue Montreal was an excellent choice that exceeded my expectations. Although 3D was a new challenge, I was excited to take it on.

I used Cinema 4D + Redshift to create stunning 3D visuals that brought the project to life.

I tried my very hardest to achieve the best result possible - persisting with multiple iterations of the 3D visual, until I was completely satisfied. What you think of the result? I think it's pretty cool!

Out of dozens of variations, this concept was the clear winner. We're stoked to move forward with it!

The gradient and isometric illustrations were my favorite parts of this project.

It's the little details that bring me the most happiness

Who said footers have to be boring!?

I hope you enjoyed the process and found value in the content. Huge thanks to everyone who contributed to this project!

Design & Art Direction: Oğuz Yağız Kara

3D & 2D Illustration: Oğuz Yağız Kara Webflow

Development: @jsk_form & Dusan Nedeljkovic

Thanks to @nostalgicapapi for this project opportunity!

Live Website:

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digital product and web designer based in the universe.

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