Harrowgate - Concept 02

Harrowgate is a start-up focused on human resource management and associated technologies for high-performance teams.

More info about the project at this post :)

Interesting that this direction ended up serving as a start point to two different concepts (kind of similar, I know), in this case a overal shield make it more sober and convey more respect to heraldic tradition, and I think this is good. Also make the H bolder and ironically it looks modern due the use of a "sans serif" type on the capital letter.

Overall idea keeps the same goal as the previous one: to put together a frontal eagle face that also looks like the full-body eagle flying and the portraiting of the eagle in attack position and also kind of reminding it's face leaning toward.

Details of the chosen concept (2/3) initial sketches explorations above. Note that is the same sketch direction set of the previous one, but different sketch.

I think this still need some minor refinements, maybe to balance best each bars and feathers to have a similar weight and maybe reduce a couple of feathers as well. The overal shape of the shield also could be differente, maybe elliptical or something...

I hope you'd liked this concept refinement process!

(one more concept yet to show in the few days, stay tuned)

Also I'm available for new projects, so feel free for ask me!

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