Harrowgate - Concept 01

Harrowgate is a start-up focused on human resource management and associated technologies for high-performance teams.

More info about the project at this post :)

At this concept I tried to put together a frontal eagle face that also looks like the full-body eagle flying. My mistake here possibly is to try including too much ideas at the same time, but for some reason I like this abstraction portraiting the eagle in attack position and also kind of reminding it's face leaning toward.

Details of the chosen concept (1/3) initial sketches explorations above.

I think this still need some simplification, maybe less bars and feathers to name few possible refinements. I really like the achieved circular overall shape being so dynamic!

I hope you'd liked this concept refinement process!

(more 2 concept yet to show in the few days, stay tuned)

Also I'm available for new projects, so feel free for ask me!

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