I had the opportunity to work with the fantastic team at Oculus, as well as Cory Schmitz and Nicholaus Taylor, on their new identity.

It was a unique opportunity to create something for an industry with such potential and broad applications for both now and long into the future. Simplicity was key. This mark must integrate into formats and technologies that have yet to be invented, yet it still needed to be appropriate to the current oculus brand and memorable. There's a lot more to the choices made, and the possible implications of the symbol, but I'll let Oculus reveal those themselves in their upcoming event and through the stories they tell.

Go see it live on their site.

This was a true honor to work on. Everyone involved was fantastic. There are a few more details attached if you're interested.

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Posted on Jun 9, 2015
Mackey Saturday
Identity design the world can believe in.

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