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A few days ago, I was enjoying the works of my favourite designers when I saw some eye-catching designs from Mark Rise I decided to create a challenge for myself to design a beautiful AI web landing page using some of Mark's characters.

So, this is not a real web ui design, and it is just a personal concept that I like it very much, specially colours and illustration.I think all the beauty of this page is due to the amazing illustration designs of my friend Mark, and with this design I wanted to admire his awesome design.

Also I want to thank Erfan who helped me a lot in animating this work...

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Neubrutalism style

Now I want to talk a little about this style. Because I think this style is very efficient.

In this style, we shift the user's focus to CTAs and Cards. CTAs and cards are the first point of focus of the user in the Neubrutalism style, and this is very important in marketing.

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