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NOWATCH, the worlds first Awareable. A new relationship with technology. A new relationship with yourself.

At NOWATCH, we believe that technology should not only help us improve our productivity and efficiency, but also help us lead more mindful, present and balanced lives.

To achieve this, NOWATCH combines cutting-edge wearable technology with a unique mindfulness-based approach to help you become more aware of your relationship with technology and your own internal state.

By constantly monitoring your usage patterns, NOWATCH helps you identify when you're becoming overly dependent on technology, and nudges you towards more mindful and intentional use.

NOWATCH is more than just a monitoring tool - it's also a companion that helps you cultivate a more mindful and balanced life. The NOWATCH app provides a variety of guided mindfulness meditations, breathing exercises and other tools to help you relax, focus and recharge. With its sleek and intuitive UI/UX design, the app is easy to use and navigate, making it an essential tool for anyone looking to improve their relationship with technology and themselves.

To bring NOWATCH to life, our team worked tirelessly on the design and development of the product, from the initial ideation phase all the way through to the creation of detailed wireframes and prototypes. Our goal was to create a product that seamlessly integrates into your daily life, providing gentle reminders and nudges towards more mindful and intentional use of technology.

Overall, NOWATCH represents a new era in wearable technology - one that focuses not only on productivity and efficiency, but also on improving our relationship with technology and with ourselves. We invite you to join us on this journey towards greater awareness, balance and mindfulness - with NOWATCH by your side.

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