Relos - Branding design for the CRM startup platform

branding design for the CRM startup

The Relos CRM system is something new of its kind.

The name itself is a neologism from the word Reload and conveys the meaning of reloading, updating and something new.

Most of the existing systems are pretty conservative visually, the main goal of Relos is to set a new trend in this.


For the overall branding image, bright, juicy and "tasty" colors were chosen for a reason, as if they melt in the eyes, like ice cream in the mouth.

Each of them has its own meaning, for example:

- purple is about creativity and emotion;

- orange is responsible for the image of strength and ambition - yellow is optimism, joy and confidence;

- blue is about trust.

logo design for the SaaS startup

Logo design

The logotype in the form of the letter "o" means separation in order to fill it with new meanings and unification within the sphere of activity.

The font logo carries an integrated symbol, which is the main graphic element and on the basis of which the illustrations are built.

logo design for the CRM platform
merch design for the SaaS startup

For the visual part of the branding, the illustrations are geometric and serve as a background. Geometric motifs can give a brand expressiveness and stability.

app icon design for the SaaS startup
brand image of the SaaS startup

We know how to reveal a brand's essence via a meaningful visual identity that will inspire people to connect, care and act 🤩

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