Pods - UX/UI design of the podcast platform

Pods is the easiest way to find, save, and listen to any podcast.

After research, we figured that the most vital challenges were navigation improvements, creating easy ways to find new podcasts, and researching and leaving the most necessary features for users.

Most users listen to podcasts doing their daily routine, commuting to work, or traveling. Therefore, it is essential to download podcasts when they do not have Wifi, as well as to quickly and easily share impressive podcasts with their friends and family.

To make it easier for users to find new podcasts, we have made it possible to use a filter. You can conveniently switch between podcast sections from Most Popular Podcasts to Recently Played, New Podcasts, and Bestsellers.

To stand out from the competition and modernize the interface, we have

dark colors, bright accent colors, and custom illustrations were chosen.

Discover new podcasts and learn about any topic - from news, education, comedy, drama, and politics to religion, crime, and much more.


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