Rev Capital: Simplifying the Narrative with Content

Rev Capital is a leading provider of full-service factoring services in both Canada and the United States. With seven offices across North America, they specialize in invoice management, credit underwriting, and collection services. Their mission is to support businesses, helping them maintain their competitive edge and become industry leaders by offering dedicated support and transparent access to the factoring process.

Engaging HPPY, Rev Capital embarked on a mission to overhaul their existing WordPress website. The aim was to break down their complex financial offerings into an easily understandable format that would facilitate an expansion of their presence in the US market.

The HPPY team developed a strategy centred around content simplification and narrative clarity. The team carefully crafted engaging, digestible content to represent Rev Capital's vast array of services, while a migration from WordPress to the versatile Webflow platform ensured a dynamic and user-friendly online presence.

The newly designed website also incorporated custom 3D elements and animations that visually narrated Rev Capital's story. Furthermore, we integrated JotForm, Salesforce, and Pardot, further enriching the user experience and providing a seamless journey for potential clients.

By simplifying the narrative and making complex financial services more accessible, Rev Capital experienced a significant increase in US market engagement. This strategic shift reinforced their position as a leading provider of factoring services and set a strong foundation for their continued growth.

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