Immersive Configurator Revolutionizes PC Customization

Cooler Power represents a thrilling convergence of technology and design, transforming luxury liquid cooling PCs into an accessible masterpiece for tech enthusiasts. Committed to transparency and affordability in the realm of custom PCs, Cooler Power collaborated with HPPY to enhance their digital platform.

Recognizing the need for an engaging, interactive digital presence, HPPY migrated Cooler Power's site from WooCommerce to Webflow. The goal was not merely a visual redesign but also the creation of an interactive eCommerce product configurator, tailored to Cooler Power's unique offerings. This custom configurator enables customers to spec out their desired gaming PC in an immersive, real-time 3D experience, providing unparalleled customization options and clarity of choice.

In addition, the HPPY team developed bespoke 3D animations and assets that encapsulate the Cooler Power brand identity. Rendered within a cutting-edge 3D platform, these dynamic visual components not only enriched the customer experience but also facilitated strategic planning within their organization.

These versatile 3D assets were incorporated across various customer touchpoints, ensuring a cohesive brand language. Complemented by captivating copy for the website, product descriptions, and marketing campaigns, we amplified Cooler Power's unique voice within the marketplace.

The result was a transformed online presence that resonated with Cooler Power's ethos of making luxury, custom PCs accessible to all. Through the innovative 3D configurator and streamlined user interface, Cooler Power experienced enhanced customer engagement, further reinforcing their position as trailblazers in the custom liquid cooling PC industry.

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