Oppo Icon Branding Design: iconography icons pack flat vector

Our work with Oppo was on iconography design, and it was a very rewarding experience. Working with the team that created a highly-customized, efficient, and richly-designed Android-based mobile OS was quite exciting.

During our research, we proposed many versions of the sketches that differ in character, idea, and meaning, as well as in visual image and color palette.

All suggested options are based on all aspects of the company's work and the characteristics of the target audience. Thus, we proposed a direction that will interest customers and be convenient to use.

The final version, approved by the customer, is already used on smartphones with the Oppo ColorOS 7 system worldwide.

Extensive style research in the process of creating an iconography for Oppo ColorOS 7 helped us better reflect the company's specifics in the visual.

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