3D Character for Ocean Verse Project | Rare Fish

We’re thrilled to introduce you to our amazing 3D robot fish, specially designed for the Ocean Verse project! The project aims to increase awareness about the extinction of the magnificent coral reefs and their inhabitants. Our talented team used Blender to create this unique fish.

Design Stages

There're 3 design stages of character design

Stage 1

The stage where we draw sketches for character design is called conceptualization or ideation. It involves creating rough drawings to explore different ideas and possibilities for the character’s appearance and personality.

Stage 2

Modeling and rendering tests ensure character design is visually appealing and functional, with adjustments made to achieve a seamless fit in the final product.

Stage 3

In the final stage of character modelling, designers add texture, lighting, and animation to ensure the character is visually appealing and expressive, delivering a compelling performance.

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