4 Ways to Use an Electric Kettle Other than Boiling Water

Don’t limit the full potential of your electric kettle to boiling water only. Numerous breakfast meals and snacks can be prepared in an electric kettle that you might be unaware of. And if you don’t have an electric kettle, what are you waiting for? You can easily buy Electric kettle online that comes in various shapes, colours, and advanced features. Here are the four ways an electric kettle can be used apart from boiling water. 

Boil Eggs 

A frying pan is not the only utensil you can use to boil eggs, an electric kettle can do the job efficiently.  Pour the water into the kettle, and let it heat at a certain temperature. Then put the eggs in warm water and let it boil. Generally, an electric kettle switches off after 5 minutes, in that case, set the timer again and let it boil for a few more minutes. Hard-boiled eggs take around 8-12 minutes while soft-boiled eggs take 3-5 minutes. For boiling eggs, you can buy an electric kettle online in which the coil is not present at the bottom of the kettle. 

Make Soups 

Savoury soup is another unconventional dish to prepare in an electric kettle. For making soup, heat some water in the kettle. Then empty the packet content inside the kettle, and stir it a little. After that, pour the soup into a bowl and enjoy.

Prepare Hot beverages 

Preparing hot beverages inside an electric kettle is easier and quicker than making them on a stovetop appliance. The process remains the same. You can try making beverages like ginger tea, green tea, blue pea tea, hot brewed instant coffee, and other beverages with an electric kettle.

Cook rice 

It might seem uncommon, but one of the best ways of making tasty and aromatic rice is using an electric kettle. Heat the water a little and pour the desired quantity of raw rice inside the kettle, and let it cook until done. Check frequently and if the rice completely soaks water without being fully cooked, add more water to avoid the rice getting stuck to the bottom and exuding a pungent smell and a burnt taste.


Who knew best electric kettles could be used for more than just boiling water? Now with these recipes in your knowledge, you can use an electric kettle unconventionally! And, if you are looking to buy a new electric kettle or upgrade to a new one, search for the best models with modern features like a digital temperature display, removable limescale filter, soft grip handle, thumb press spout, and availability in cool colours. 

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