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What do you do when you get a client that's creating a totally new SaaS category on the market?

➑️ Educate them on why they need a solution they didn't even know existed.

We, the Bounty Hunters, believe in taking a holistic approach while developing new landing pages for Saas-based Blockchain Startups.

Each landing page coming from our studio is:

βœ… Quick & reliable

βœ… Easily navigated

βœ… Created for a target audience

βœ… Optimized for conversions

That's why, when we started working with DoxyChain we first needed to understand their product and what it does for their users, and then approach with customized solutions.

Here's how we did it. πŸ‘‡

The client

DoxyChain is a revolutionizing document management system with its own proprietary blockchain solution. With three main products, DoxyChain aims to change the world's perception of security.

DoxyChain offers an easy-to-use Web3 SaaS for signing documents and agreements, certification creation, and file storage management. Giving documents a decentralized home and revolutionizing the way we think about digital security.

The challenge

DoxyChain is a pioneer in its field. They are making new solutions that will change how people think about digital security worldwide. And how do you get people to buy something they don't know they need?

You educate them.

DoxyChain target customers were art galleries and artwork traders.

Their pain points? Authenticity and ownership proofs that are frequently falsified.

DoxyChain provided an innovative way to solve their pain points, but they didn't even know that such solutions existed.

We needed to build a landing page that was both informative and provided significant value to the target customers. It was challenging, but we like challenges.

The solution

We needed to underline why the former way of doing things wasn't working in order to deliver value to consumers who aren't specifically searching for a DoxyChain solution, but for a solution in general.

We showed the flaws of past methods in an easy-to-read and clear way.

Then we had to take it a step further and show them how DoxyChain solutions can help them get even better results in a much easier way.

It's always hard to sell something to someone. Selling blockchain digital certificates to people who (mostly) aren't tech-savvy is a whole different ballgame.

With careful use of clear copy and design, we made sure that we could provide clarity, and value, and sell people a new solution on the market.


With careful structuring, design, and copywriting, we created a landing page that was both educational and conversion-optimized.

By working closely with DoxyChain, we were able to establish them as the creators of a category for art certificates that offered new methods for preventing forgery.

Since we covered the entire process, you can also check out some of the ad visuals we created for them for the same product category.

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