App to manage plants in your home.

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Today, I would like to share with you my concept design!

Check out the app for plant lovers. 💚

Welcome screen 🌿

How is your plants today? 🤔

Want to make sure your plants are properly cared for and watered regularly? Plan in the app! 🙌 Management is simple - you enter the plants you have in your home into the application (you can, of course, customize their names) and enter information about the hydration of the plant. Now you are sure when you last watered your indoor flowers. 👌

Plant information 🌻

Basic information on how to care for the plant: how much water it needs, what light intensity, what room temperature is suitable for your plant. In general - all the information that will help you keep your plant in the best condition. 💪

In addition, I added a division of plants due to rooms. I already explain why: if you are a fan of plants, you probably don't have one Monstera, Strelitzia or Philodendron in your home, but several. I'm right?

In the color palette, I used green and shades of white. The functionality of the application is simple and intuitive. 📱

I hope you like it. ✌️

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