Pond Foundation logo exploration

From a childhood memory to a mission-driven organisation

Amidst all the chaos of life and the hustle and bustle of work, the symbol of a pond acts as a sacred place for organisations to find calm and make wise decisions. Founded on that premise, Pond Foundation has grown into a global mission-driven brand, guiding organisations to strong climate action.

But to ensure their brand messaging was delivered properly, Pond Foundation needed a brand new logo and a website redesign. So, Scott and Sam decided to go with me not only because of the quality of work I provide but also because we clicked on a deeper level—our seemingly naive but very much-needed drive for service to others. A truly exciting project to begin the new year.


❋ Logo design

❋ Website design


Zlatko Najdenovski - Logo, Website design, Art direction

Vladimir Petroski - Webflow implementation

・— ✦ —・

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Helping Hands for Daring Brands

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