Mint Renewables Illustration

Mint Renewables Illustration

The sustainability theme is always exciting and pushes you to go beyond the ordinary and take an extra mile. 

When a colour palette is both a challenge and rewarding, it motivates me to think beyond my imagination.

Added to my love for landscapes (now also cityscapes, seascapes …) something magical happens.

Thanks to a wonderful team from Cato Brand Partners, who chose us to partner to create custom illustrations for their client Mint Renewables, Australia. We created unique landscapes depicting the company's vision and mission towards renewable energy.

Taking a cue from the tagline - Partners for good - and really means it!


Client: Mint Renewables, Australia 

Agency: Cato Brand Partners, Wellington, NZ

Agency Team: Matt Eales, Katherine Vance 

Business & Creative Partner: Anand Peter

Associate Illustrator: Jinu KS

Illustration: Febin Raj​​​​​​​

Full project published in Behance

Detail shots

Febin Raj
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