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My Online Proposal !

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My Online Proposal ! minimal simple clean elegant personnal parallax single page wedding proposal

Sup there !

I want to share with you my online proposal that i did for my fiancee !
As i lover of webdesign, i wanted to do something different and which is reflecting me.

I wanted to make a landing page for presenting a jewel product with a custom jewel that i have draw with the jeweler.

So i asked to my honey to check a brand new website, like i usualy do, before leaving the house for going out with a friend ( her friend knew that was the day ! ) so she looks to the website and was wondering why i did a collaboration with Adrien Moniquet, a jeweler from France that i did his website ( which receive a Site of the day on French Design Index :) ) after scrolling pixels by pixels, her face was really surprised.

Once hitting the bottom of the website, there's a input for subscribe, if the mail was the mail of my futur wife, it will automatically send a mail to me and a serie of member who knew that i'll ask Jolan this day.

And, of course she said yes !

After this, we have enjoy a great restaurant with a lady who had to bring us some lovely flowers at a specified time and we have call our friends to joining us in town for a little party.

That's it !

Here is the link :

( sorry the website is in french )

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