Dreamscapes NFT Collection by DKNG

Well the inevitable moment has finally arrived - DKNG is dipping its toes into the world of NFTs. For our first attempt at minting digital art, we wanted to bring back to life some of our favorite art prints, now in digital form. We created a collection entitled “Dreamscapes” which features three revamped DKNG illustrations, that until now have been unavailable since their physical limited editions sold out. Mammoth, Elk, and Telescope are all fantastical, highly detailed pieces of art that can now be purchased as limited edition NFTs. In addition to updating their color schemes and aspect ratios for the digital world, we also included new easter eggs hidden in each composition. We kept the edition size for each NFT limited to 100 units, which means only 100 of each design can ever be purchased, owned, traded, or sold on the blockchain. The initial price for each NFT is 0.015 ETH (approximately $25 USD) plus gas fees (more on that below). Dreamscapes are available now through DKNG on OpenSea, currently the world’s largest digital marketplace for NFTs.

Now if you’re in the same boat that we were when it comes to the world of digital collectibles, you’re likely asking yourself, what the heck is an NFT and how is it different than a JPEG? In an attempt to wrap our heads around it, we think of an NFT as a limited edition piece of art that’s just as unique as a limited edition print, except an NFT can be bought and sold electronically, much like a share of stock. With an NFT you can watch the value of it change over time and choose to sell it for a return on your investment, much like buying a physical piece of art and then selling it independently. The main difference here is that each time an NFT is sold, the creator receives a small percentage of that subsequent sale. This notion is what makes web3 so exciting for collectors and creators alike. By investing in NFTs you are not only supporting the creator, but also investing in an ownable piece of digital currency.

If like us you’re new to this world, we’ve created an FAQ on our site to help answer some basic questions. To take a deeper dive into web3 and NFTs visit OpenSea.

Making art like it's our job.

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