Moira - Explainer Video

I teamed up with Clint is Good to animate a series of explainer videos for Moira, a global investor in sustainable growth and innovative businesses such as Cubiq Foods and Biorizon Biotech.

At Cubiq Foods ingredients are created using extensive scientific knowledge and expertise together with cutting-edge technology. Their goal is to improve processed food and respond to the global need for better sustainability, better health, and better quality foods.

Biorizon Biotech applies the most advanced technology to develop solutions to the production of fruits and vegetables providing, through the use of natural elements, improvements facing the more traditional substances of chemical synthesis.

The goal was to showcase the results achieved by these businesses, through the use of animation and transitions applied to a collage-like minimal design.


Client: Moira

Art Direction + Design: Clint is Good

Animation: Amatita

Posted on Feb 22, 2023
Moving images to create emotions.

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