Writing - Instagram Highlight Reel Cover

I designed a series of instagram highlight covers for my wife, Sarah Hime, who's an actor, director, and arts educator.

This one was for the story highlight with all her writing related stories.


Instagram has a feature called "Stories Highlights" on profile pages where you can choose a selection of past stories you've posted under a label of your choosing and a cover image of your choosing. (You can read more about it here - https://about.instagram.com/blog/announcements/introducing-stories-highlights-and-stories-archive)


I used a moleskine notebook and a uni kuru toga mechanical pencil (0.5) to make a first couple of sketches, then the final sketch that I scanned with an iPad Pro to import into Procreate. I made the gradient separately on Procreate using a brush kit from Lisa Bardot (https://bardotbrush.com/) and colors from a color palette I had already set for my wife's brand identity. I recreated the quill with a highly desaturated shade of the purple and laid it over the gradient.

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