My New Portfolio

It has been several years since I last had a dedicated portfolio website. I believe the last time I created one was back in 2013 (I actually used to redesign my portfolio every year!). Instead, I have been using dribbble's playbook as my primary platform to showcase my work, which has worked well for me. However, I now feel the need to establish my own online presence again, with the ability to showcase my work more comprehensively and share the stories behind my projects. I'll continue to use dribbble to share project updates, but will use my portfolio to go deeper on project details + showing more of the depth of the work.

Check out the live site

In general, my intention was to maintain a fairly minimal design approach that would enable the projects to speak for themselves and showcase their unique voice. This approach began with the homepage:

I maintained this same minimal design mindset and carried forward the same spirit with the case study page, highlighting supporting imagery and screenshots of the work to showcase the projects.

Jason Kirtley
Senior UI/UX specializing in editorial and ecommerce design

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