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✨Introducing my new app UI for Dribbble, seamlessly connecting with our specially designed band for measuring blood pressure, glucose levels, temperature and tracking your medicine schedule. Keep all your vital health information at your fingertips with our innovative design. Perfect for managing chronic conditions or maintaining overall wellness.


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Generic Viridian- (#018767) - Used this colors for credibility, trust, knowledge, power, professionalism, cleanliness, calm and focus. Most of the health care brand use blue color.

Bittersweet (#F86B5B) - Used as a complimentary of dark green color

Fuzzy Wuzzy (#272727) - Used for body text to give minimal look

Raisin Black (#B4B4B4)- Used for title text so that it can clearly appear on the white background.

White (#FFFFFF)- Used as base colors for minimal design.


Nexa - (Regular, Bold & Extra Bold)

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Mid Ajayi watch mock up from figma community




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