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BAST is proud to announce that we have built a beautiful webshop for TimePiecesBelgium. Our challenge was to create a webshop that was not only beautiful and user-friendly, but also focused on search engine optimization. As a result, the webshop is now very easy to find via search engines such as Google.

With the Woocommerce platform, we were able to realize a stable and comprehensive solution. In addition, when building the webshop, we implemented various optimization tools so that TimePiecesBelgium can focus carefree on selling watches.

But the design of the webshop was also an important aspect for BAST. We did everything we could to give TimePiecesBelgium's webshop a modern and stylish look. We took into account the specific wishes of TimePiecesBelgium and guided them in choosing colors, fonts and images. The result is a webshop that is not only functional, but also visually appealing.

In short, by combining a solid technical background, a keen eye for design and an extensive focus on SEO, BAST managed to create a webshop that both customers and search engines will appreciate.

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