Dashboard - inline banner

Dashboard with an inline banner that is inside the content. In this case, the user gets a notification about a missing invoice.

✨ Made with Tetrisly Design System and Tetrisly Icon Library

✨ Supported by Design System Tool

Made with Tetrisly Design System

Tetrisly Design System is a carefully crafted UI library with design tokens in its DNA, coming along with the free Figma plugin to manage them. A react library is coming soon to create the all-in-one product design ecosystem and to let design teams ship faster.

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Tetrisly Icon Library

A clean, consistent, and pixel-perfect icon set (20x20, 1.5px) crafted specifically for modern UI design.

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Design System Tool - Plugin for Figma

Bring design tokens to life. Boost your components. Automate creating Design System.

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Building Design System. Get library or Hire us!

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