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Beleren typeface for Magic: The Gathering

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Beleren typeface for Magic: The Gathering 2015 mtg magic typography font type design typeface

Wizards of the Coast commisioned me to create a bespoke typeface to better serve the brand of their flagship product Magic: The Gathering® in late 2012.

The design had to reflect the many facets of Magic but also make it edgier and propel it forward. There was a shared thought among us that it should look a little dangerous and a phrase jokingly bandied about during the early phase of development was “Weaponize those letters!”

With the launch of Magic 2015 – Duels of the Planeswalkers in July 2014, the Beleren typeface was officially placed into service as the primary display type for Magic 2015. Beleren can now be seen on the game cards, in apps, product packaging and elsewhere. The Beleren type family is comprised of nine fonts in total. Its fantastical nature integrates perfectly with the stunning, highly original art that is a perennial signature of Magic: The Gathering.

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