Facebook Notifications

I've been posting a lot of FB photos recently and have started noticing some associated features that could use improvement. Among them is multiple "like" notifications for photos.

My concept groups multiple photo "likes" from the same user into a single notification. Tapping the notification reveals a grid of all the photos the user "liked" within a defined time interval. From there, tap a photo to see it in detail and easily swipe through the entire group of "liked" photos from this view or collapse the entire notification by tapping it.

This concept and flow improves the user experience in a few ways:
• Less repetitive notifications
• Easier notification navigation
• Quicker access to more content
• Increases engagement with notification content
• More fluid and pleasant experience
• Appeals to different user types (overview or detail)

Check out the attachment for a side by side comparison of the existing feature and my grouping concept.

Would you like this feature?

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