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QN5 has a persistent logo & navigation across the site, with custom header graphics for sections mini-sites. Examples: http://qn5.com/artists/tonedeff and http://qn5.com/artists/substantial

This graphic is for an upcoming fan blog, written by fans who are traveling to New York for the annual QN5 Megashow: the only event where the entire record label roster performs together.

Fans are coming from California, Portland, Texas, Atlanta, Iowa, DC, Alaska, England, Scotland, New Zealand, Canada, France and elsewhere. We're giving them a space to blog their trip so they can share their stories, connect with each other in NY and relive it when the show's over.

If you're a fan of indie hip-hop, join us on August 19th: More info about the QN5 Megashow

EDIT (Jul 14): This has launched: http://qn5.com/megafans2011

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