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Hi! Check out our new shot! Here goes a Service Marketplace design

👩‍💼👷👨‍🏭 Here one can hire all sorts of specialists: designers, cleaners, repairmen, etc 🌟

The app works this way👇

👆A user selects a category and specialization. 

📋Then the app displays a filtered list of professionals. 

🏁The user picks the one they need and sends them an invitation.

🎨The color scheme comprises green, dark gray, and yellow colors. The variety of colors stands for the variety of options. Besides, green and yellow symbolize purity, quality, and peace ✌️

The app displays specialists, their ratings, and customer feedback. This way, users can easily find the one they need 👍

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Interface by Natasha Chirkova

Motion by Nikita Zolotorev

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