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This time I want to share a design exploration with the theme "Tangled - AI Education Tech".

Let me explain a little about what "Tangled AI Education Tech" is.

Background story

Seeing the community, especially students and students who sometimes have difficulty answering a question given by a teacher or lecturer, makes me think there might be a good way to help those who have difficulty answering questions. Currently there may be many platforms that can help the community in answering a problem, one of which is currently booming, namely AI (Artificial Intelligence) / ChatGPT-based which can answer questions asked by the community.


I have an idea, namely what if AI adds AI Education Tech features which will be very helpful for public education, especially students. So later the user is asked to choose the subject category that he wants to ask first, after selecting the lesson category then the user can immediately ask everything related to the lesson.

How can that be a solution?

Even though there is ChatGPT that can answer all existing problems, it would be nice if there was a special feature for Education. Why should there be that feature? so that the system is more structured.

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