A colorful, professional brand identity for Kenya Child Care

Kenya Child Care believes every child deserves to grow up in a safe and loving environment, preferably with their family. They facilitate emergency care in their rescue center in Kilifi, Kenya, and support children and families in need with food, medical care, education and support by a social worker. I helped Kenya Child Care elevate their branding by updating their existing logo and turning it into a colorful, professional brand identity.

The Kenya Child Care logo consists of a logo icon and a wordmark. The icon shows three hands, playfully arranged as painted by kids. The original outline of the hands had a lot of detail, making them appear ragged and fuzzy when used in smaller sizes. I fixed this by redrawing them, giving the hands a softer appearance and maintaining their legibility in smaller formats. By slightly rotating the hands they turned into a friendlier waving symbol instead of an alarming ‘halt!’. Lastly I realigned the composition of the three hands, making it look more balanced without losing its playfulness.

Photography by Ingrid van Heeteren.

Jantine Zandbergen
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