KMBCH - Landing page 3D & motion for a beverage brand

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This 3D and scroll animation have blown the minds of the design community! Let's talk about this piece of work a little.

First of all, we'd like to remind you what services we provided for the KMBCH brand:

  • Branding - Logo, labels, packaging, brand book

  • Illustration - Custom label pattern

  • UI/UX - A landing page and its responsive version

  • 3D motion  - Bottle and Packaging 3d render

  • Product Photography - Content creation

  • Development - Made in Webflow

Now, we want to break down what and how we did to achieve these results.

To implement the bottle scrolling animation, we used the JSON of a 3D kombucha bottle.

To create 3D we used Blender, After Effects, and Photoshop. Work on 3D renders consisted of the stages of ‌modeling, creating materials, selecting lighting, and ‌animation. We managed to achieve the effect of translucent bottle glass, natural reflections, and correct contrasts by mixing materials in Blender. Post-production and color correction we implemented via After Effects.

We were able to implement a ready-made animation on the landing page, as well as link it to the user's scroll using Webflow tools which saved about 20 hours of our work.

We know how to elevate a brand's visuals to the level that inspires people to connect, care and act!

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