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Holla Friend 👋🏼 !!!

This is my new exploration of a movie streaming service called Horloge, I will tell you a little about Horloge, Horloge is a free movie streaming service for you movie lovers, here you can access a variety of movies from genres, categories, series, and movies.

I took inspiration from several streaming service applications and I improved it from a more attractive appearance and added several functions such as sharing movies with fellow horloge users, providing categories so that users can more easily find the movie they want, and providing a little trailer on the header so that users know a little more about the movie they want to watch.

You can also access this horloge with smart tv and, I also provide how the implementation and interaction when you use this horloge on your smart tv.

Smart TV Implementation & Design

and I also provide if the horloge is displayed on the website, and impelentasientasi on your laptop.

Website Design & Implementation

What do you think about Horloge ? hope you like it! ❤️‍🔥

Thanks for checking it out !

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