Andrew Harrington

2015 Bigger Picture Show

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2015 Bigger Picture Show roald dahl fantastic mr. fox wes anderson warmth texture halftone illustration type typography

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Repost with the full piece attached. My assignment was Rat from Fantastic Mr. Fox. I chose to recreate the rich color palette, straight on point of view and on-screen text that are trademarks of Wes Anderson's style. Rat lived his life for material things, his last words in the film being that he did it all for the cider. I deliberately left Rat himself out of the portrait in favor of his possessions to capture that, but then I finished it off with a classic Victor® Rat trap, colored it black and added a pair of piercing eyes, so Rat lives in the portrait as the V logo. Stylistically, I strayed a bit (a lot) from my comfort zone on this one. It was stressful and challenging at times, but ultimately fun and very rewarding to create something like this, and I'm very happy with the result. I want to add more things to it!

The first 99% of the piece was done in Illustrator using some halftones, strokes, feathering and gradient meshes, then I finished it off in Photoshop to soften the corners and edges and add the grain.

The event was great, as always. Thanks to Lodge Design, Indy Film Fest and the Speak Easy, as well as the sponsors who make it possible and fun every year.

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