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21 days of posters #17

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Day 17 from 21 days of posters

Today's not a quote but rather a very short story by a British designer Brian Webb:
I would show my jobs to my mother, and she would always say the same thing: “That’s nice dear.” And then she would say, “Did you write it?” or “Did you do the drawing?” or “Did you take the pictures?” I’d always answer “no,” then I realized the problem. My answer was then, “I made this happen. It’s called design.

In my case, it's not my mother that tries to undermine my self-esteem, but instead my inner voice, which is especially active when I'm making these posters. "You didn't take this picture, you just want to make today's poster quicker!" - It would say. "Shut up, I'm making this happen" — I'd blurt in reply.

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