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Hey-hey! Check out our new Recruitment App design


🔍 It’s an app that helps find employers and employees.

The shot displays an HR’s flow. It starts with registration and ends up with hiring a new employee  🤵

🌟The Onboarding screen that lets users select their role (an HR or an applicant).


📋An HR’s main page contains a to-do list with future job interviews and meetings. Besides, it shows a bar with new applications. Once an HR taps it, they get to the screen with a list of applicants.


👩‍💼An applicant’s screen contains a full-size image and CV. Here users can switch to the chat or tap the Hire button.

🏁Our goal was to create a minimalist business app, so we selected a monochrome color scheme with navy blue elements.💙


It’s an all-in-one Recruitment App for applicants and HRs 🔥

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Interface by Alena Bezuglova

Motion by Maxim Esipov

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